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Local Ad Mag
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by Donna
Business Name : MiYo Cafe

I've had a great response with your magazine in Castle Rock. I am very happy with the results!

by Dorothy
Business Name : Local Edmond Resident

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you putting the scriptures at the top of your magazine pages, it really blesses me. Thank you and God bless!

by local resident and ad mag fan
Business Name : local resident and ad mag fan

Love the inspiring Bible verses, especially in this day and age! The coupons and contests are super- thanks for your distribution!

by Ryan
Business Name : Cold Stone Creamery

We get more coupons redeemed from Local Ad Mag than anything else by far!

by Janelle
Business Name : The Fixx Burgers & More

We've been in the magazine for almost a year now and our ad works great! We're even thinking about doing a bigger ad or even a front cover ad in the future!

by Lisa
Business Name : Hair by Lisa Lisa

My business continues to build and thrive because of the consistent exposure to key neighborhoods with my ad in the Local Ad Mag here in Castle Rock!

by David
Business Name : Blenders Cafe

The ad is really paying off! We have already had 21 people come in and use coupons so far this month. Thank you!

by John
Business Name : Local Magazine User

I am blown away by all of the scripture passages at the top of the pages. I think it is just marvelous that you do that and wish you all the very very best!

by Susan
Business Name : Crazy 8 Cafe

We can honestly say that this has been the best advertising that we have tried! We get coupon after coupon redeemed and we are so excited to see our advertising dollars finally pay off.

by Kay
Business Name : Jon 'Ric' International

Local Ad Mag seems to be the only advertising that actually works! I have been advertising with you for over a year now and could not be happier with my continued results!

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